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The Vacation

Note: Fiction

We had been seeing each other for a few months when we decided to take a vacation together. Things between us were good. He was kind and attentive. And there was little conflict.
It was a departure from the kind of relationships I usually get into with emotionally abusive men who are unhappy until they have complete control over my life. He wasn’t like that. He never raised his voice, and he seemed to relish the fact that I am an independent woman and I don’t need a man to take my decisions for me. Even sexually he was like a whole other world.
Especially sexually.
With most men I had been with before him I had never felt that often-mentioned inexplicablespark that makes you weak in the knees. With them the sex had been almost like a ritual we were doomed to perform on a nightly basis in the interest of the health of our relationship. But with him, the sex was an adventure. I felt like I had been a virgin until he showed me just how much pleasure two bodies working in tandem could create. He made me do things I had never even thought to do before. He put his hands around my throat, he threw me around, he even struck me in the heat of the moment. He had toys that I thought were only used in porn; handcuffs, little floggers, ropes. It was all so exciting. There was nothing respectful about him inside the bedroom. And I could not get enough. He had in his fingers the power to turn me into a shameless junkie.
So when he suggested we spend a few days together in a remote fishing village that was famed for its pristine beaches, I was thrilled. Not wanting to seem overly-eager I told him that I would check my work schedule and let him know if I could manage to take the time off.
He told me to let him know as soon as possible.

Five days later, we loaded up his car and left at the crack of dawn for our vacation. I had packed two new bathing suits and way too many shorts and dresses. When he saw the size of my bag, he laughed and said, “You sure packed a whole lot of clothes for a week you’re going to spend entirely naked.”
I blushed and he kissed me before he picked my bag up and put it in the trunk.
The drive was lovely. I fell asleep halfway through and only woke up when we had arrived at the little cottage we had rented from an old French couple.
It was white, and had a slanting brown roof. Wind chimes hung in the porch and there were white flowers growing all over the little garden. There was a forest right behind the house, and somewhere in the distance I could hear the ocean. It was the most serene atmosphere I have ever woken up to.
I helped him unload the car and we settled into the house. I suggested we get changed and go for a swim before lunch. He suggested he bend me over the oak dining table and fuck me before we do anything else. His suggestion had more value to it.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the town, basking in the sun and indulging in fresh seafood. On the walk back to the house, we bought some fish. Once home he made us dinner while I showered and set up the table. After dinner, I poured us some wine and we sat out on the porch.
“I love how dark it gets here,” he said, “Living in cities, we don’t understand what darkness really looks like.”
I snuggled closer to him and told him that the dark still scared me a little. A silly fear that I had carried with me since I was a child.
“Don’t worry,” he said lifting me in his arms, “I’ll keep you safe my dear.”
The next day we went diving. An activity we both loved. The bottom of the ocean amazes me each time. I cannot believe it really is there. Each time I am surrounded by the ocean, it changes me. The world becomes much more significant than I am to myself. It puts me in a mood; turns me into a romantic.
We spent the rest of the day inside the house. So far it was turning out that he was right, I really didn’t need as many clothes as I had carried.

That evening after we ate, we lay in bed talking. I was tired and bruised, but sated. He was trailing my nipple with his finger when he said, “You want to take a walk?”
“Sure,” I said, “But can we take a flashlight?”
He laughed jovially.
“I’ll tell you what,” he said, “While you get dressed I’ll pack us an emergency supplies kit?”
I thought he was joking but when I met him at the door ten minutes later there really was a bag on his shoulders and a flashlight in his hands.
I laughed and told him I loved him. He hugged me and said he loved me too. We locked the door and left. He took my hand and we walked in the direction of the forest.
I finally understood what he meant by the darkness, I really couldn’t see a thing. He turned on the flashlight as soon as he felt me clutching his hand tighter.
For maybe twenty minutes we walked around in the forest when I started to worry we wouldn’t know the way back.
“Do you know how to get back?” I asked him.
“Of course,” he said, “Don’t worry.”
A few minutes later, he stopped and pushed me to my knees. I was slightly concerned about being outside but I knew there was no one around us so I took his cock out of his shorts and put it in my mouth. I love how it grew hard and thick in a matter of seconds when it was in my mouth.
“Love?” he said.
“Yes?” I asked while I stopped for breath.
“I’m going to blindfold you,” he replied.
I stopped short and stood up. It was bad enough that we were in the dark but being blindfolded in the dark sounded much worse. He must have seen my fear in my face because he immediately said, “You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but you never know, it might be another great experience.”
“I want to,” I told him, “But I’m afraid.”
He kissed me on my forehead, and said, “Don’t you trust me?”
“I do,” I said.

He didn’t just blindfold me, along with the blindfold he put a pair of handcuffs around my wrists and from what I heard he attached a metal chain to them. I imagined he didn’t ask permission because he had done that to me before. I remember realizing, in passing, that he had probably planned to do this all along. He strung me along, and I followed him. It was hard to walk while being led around with a line of sight; I stumbled and almost fell many times.
He wasn’t talking to me at all but I knew he was watching me because he caught me promptly each time I tripped. We didn’t walk very far but it seemed to take a long time.
My mouth was dry, and I wanted to tell him to remove the blindfold but before I could, he pushed me against what felt like a tree and began kissing me. His hand made its way between my legs while the other wrapped around my waist. Within seconds, I forgot about the blindfold, the cuffs, the darkness. I felt myself grinding against his palm while I moaned into his mouth.
A few minutes later he pulled me down to the ground. I lay on my back, and waited for him to climb on top of me. Instead I felt him standing behind my head whispering into my ear.
“You’re going to feel some rope on your now,” he whispered, “Don’t panic.”
I nodded my head slowly. I was way past panic, I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to me. I felt like I was high. Flying.
I couldn’t see what he tied me to; I could just feel my the cold metal pressed against my back while my ankles were linked to my elbows. I could move my feet just a little bit towards the inside and as much as liked towards the outside. My legs were spread wide open. He talked to me throughout as he worked the ropes, he stopped a few times in between and kissed me or ran his hands over my breasts. Or between my legs.

When he was done tying, he stopped talking. I felt him rip my clothes off my body, with what felt like a pair of scissors.
That frightened me. I suddenly realized I was about to be naked and tied up on display in the middle of nowhere.
“Please,” I said, “Stop, it’s enough, I am scared now.”
He didn’t say anything. He was done with my shirt and had moved onto my shorts.
“Please stop,” I said one more time. He didn’t respond.
I tried to get up but I couldn’t even angle my foot the correct way. So I struggled, I moved around until all my struggling resulted in the scissors poking me on my thigh. I screamed as I felt the sharp metal against my skin.
He pulled my shorts off. I was naked. I could feel the cold breeze all over my body.
“Love,” I said trying to be calm, “Please untie me, I am terrified, please.”
Once again, he didn’t respond. In fact, I couldn’t hear him anywhere around me. So I screamed. I screamed over and over again. It seemed that no one heard me. I began to worry he had left me alone in the dark, dense forest.
Naturally, I began to panic. I felt my heart explode in my chest. I could barely breathe and the more I moved the tighter the knots I was bound with became. I began to cry. For what felt like hours, I screamed his name. I thought I felt insects crawl all over me, I thought I heard wild animals in the bushes, I even thought I felt someone standing there and watching me.

Sometime amidst my hopeless tears, I heard someone scurrying the bushes. It had to be him. I called out to him. I begged him to untie me and take me home. I heard someone walk towards me. I was elated. Finally, I was going to be free.
Instead I felt a firm slap against my cheek. It felt like his hand, but I screamed again. It had to be him, I knew, but what if it was someone else?
Within a matter of moments, I felt him lie atop me and begin to fuck me. I begged once again to be let go, I tried to close my legs and throw him off me.
But I couldn’t, he fucked me till he came inside me. He groaned like he always did. Even in my state of abject panic, I was relieved to know it was him. He got off me and walked towards my head. His cum dripping out of me onto the grass.
“Please will you untie me now?” I begged, “Just, take this blindfold off me, I beg you.”
He was still standing behind my head when I felt another cock being stuffed inside me. I remember that scream as being the loudest on of all. I hadn’t even heard someone else approaching me
I heard him snigger behind my head, I began to hurl curses at him.
“You will spend the rest of your life in prison,” I told him anger taking over me completely as the skill-less dick of a complete stranger rubbed back and forth inside me.
I felt his face close to mine. And then I felt duct tape being stretched around my mouth. I moved my face around violently, my mouth was my one recourse and I couldn’t allow him (or them) to take that away from me. Once he succeeded in getting the tape around my mouth, it was just one cock after another. The tears never did stop flowing.

I have no idea how many men I was fucked by that night. I have no idea when I stopped fighting them and just lay back and succumbed to them completely. I have no idea whether I was still being fucked when I passed out.
I just know that when I woke up the next morning I was lying naked and untied in the forest, covered from head to toe in dried semen with a note taped to my chest.
My eyes, puffy and swollen, hadn’t fully readjusted to the light as I pulled the note off my chest and read it.
Thank you, my dear, you were great.


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