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Inane end-of-the-year Bucket List.

I have never done new year’s resolutions, expect once when I was 12 and I resolved that I would go vegetarian for a year (and yes, I succeeded).
But that was it. After that if I ever wanted to change something about my behavior, I just did that instead of waiting for December 31st and making a list. 
But this year, I have decided to do something different. Since I barely noticed the year going by (though it was a great year), I think I shall make the last month count.
I will use the rest of the month to work certain kinks (not those kind of kinks) out of my system.
I feel like a fucking grown up, and I shall act as such. (Yeah, that’s the plan with this.. :p)
Here’s my inane end-of-the-year bucket list:

1. Leave work early for no reason.
(Done, that’s what made me want to make this list, I told everyone I had a migraine and now I don’t know what to do with myself so i am sitting on the stairway of the metro station and doing this, it’s fun you guys).
2. Call in sick when I am in great health, and maybe go watch a movie or something.
3. Go one whole day without work-related thoughts.
(I can do it, I can do it, I can do it)
4. Not feel guilty about slacking. (I don’t feel particularly guilty right now, so I guess it counts).
5. Eat at a restaurant instead of just getting take-out.
6. Have a cup of coffee with milk and sugar in it and enjoy it for what it is (a milky, sugary abhorrent concoction of death).
7. Cook an actual meal for *myself* that does not include salad or eggs.
8. Have one conversation everyday for a week during which I do not roll my eyes (not just, make sure no one sees me rolling my eyes but— resist the urge to roll).
9. Not get angry/annoyed/hide under the bed when people make unscheduled phone calls. (If I do this once, I’m done for life).
10. Sleep from night to noon, with pleasure and without guilt.
11. Drink instant coffee and not bitch about it (even in my head).
12. Spend an extended amount of time with my sister without telling her she talks too much and/or is too sensitive.
13. Have my fucking curtains drycleaned (they’ve spent 15 months in a smoker’s room without cleaning).
14. Pour myself a glass of water, it may taste better than it does from the bottle. (This one’s easy, just need a glass).
15. Stop thinking I’m doing better on quitting smoking just because I switched to ultra.
16. Have that dinner with my landlord that she’s been inviting me to all year. Take flowers or some silly things like that with me.
17. Find out my neighbor’s last name. (First thing I’m doing when I get home today).
18. Remove emergency medical services from my call favorites. If I am going to die, I am going to die.
(And done…damn, now I feel unsafe).
19. Stop using Reliance as my Internet Service Provider. Their torture has exceeded my masochism.
20. Move the fuck out of Delhi. Maybe.


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I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

2 responses to “Inane end-of-the-year Bucket List.

  1. Excellent ideas! You sound inspired 🙂 thank you for sharing… It might inspire us.

  2. No. 19 was the killer though XD

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