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Let’s Talk Sex

Kink may be esoteric, but sex is universal.
We all do it, we can all relate to it and we all understand it (at least, we understand the biology that goes into it).
We understand all concepts related to sexual activity: safety, arousal, penetration, orgasms, inhibitions and the like.
Sex is the same everywhere, yet it is so varied.The same actions garner different results for different people and with different partners.
Sexual compatibility is to me the true measure of the estimated longevity of a relationship.
I know they say sex is like pizza, hot or cold, it’s always good.
In a way, I find I agree with that.
Different kinds of sexual liaisons satisfy me in different types of ways. It may seem greedy, but I think I need them all.

Sex with a stranger, for example, satisfies the need for borderline danger and the rush of all things new.
It gives the illusion of a consequence free existence, for at least 45 minutes.
The sex itself is mostly passable at best, but the experience there has more to do with the elaborate ritual of picking up a guy and doing unspeakable things to him, like a dirty whore (no judgment).
Sex with a friend, is comfortable and comforting. It is fun because the relationship itself is fun. It is completely non-committal and when done right the sex is like just another activity you do with a friend (like playing tennis or having a water-fight).
Bad sex with a stranger (and I do believe this needs to be a separate category) is in itself a horrifying experience but it does have an unexpected silver lining. Kind of like imagine how much you would appreciate a first class plane ticket after suffering ten hours in the second sleeper of Kerala Kranti Express.
Sex with a “customer”, even though I’m not a commercial sex-worker (more like the property of my master), makes me feel as close to actual property than anything else (like chattel) and of course, there is the service to my master undertone to it all.
Sex with my master, (this may go on a while), is like being on every drug known to man at the same time. Even in the ‘vanilla-est’ of moments my soul knows who he is to me and who I am to him. It is like when he is in me, I can finally really breathe. It’s like a junkie getting his fix after days of jonesing
Each time, it feels like the first time and each tie it feels better than the previous time.


About ancilla9876

I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

8 responses to “Let’s Talk Sex

  1. Smitten

    Like a junkie getting his fix – I get that.

  2. You brought me to my world again… trains, sex and randomness! I have already told you this but will do it again if it wasn’t noticed back then, I’m your biggest fan and it’s getting to a point the way fans talk about SRK or Salman!

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