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30 Days of Kink: Day 12

Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had. If you haven’t had one, talk about aspects of kink/BDSM you find funny.

Funny funny funny.
When I was in the 11th grade, I had snuck my master into my house. It was late December and around 11 PM. It was really cold outside. Maybe 3 degrees.
We were fooling around and I thought I heard someone coming up the stairs. So, I told him to hide out on the balcony for a few minutes.
He left (without a sweatshirt or a jacket or shoes or his phone), the door locked behind itself.
And I lay down in bed and pretended to be asleep.
No one came.
But I really did fall asleep.
He knocked on my window till  1 AM, when I finally woke up to pee.
I let him in and he was.. freezing, to say the least.
But it was so funny. He slapped me, really hard. And then we laughed and laughed and laughed.
And then I got really beaten up.
Then we laughed some more.
Then I let him out.


About ancilla9876

I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

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