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30 Days of Kink: Day 5

i know this is coming a little late. I spilled my giant cup of morning
coffee on the laptop a few days ago. It would seem that did not agree
with the keyboard.
And since I am broke and generally disrespectful of technology, I did
not get it fixed right away.
Anyhow, i have figured out how to post using my phone.
So, here goes..

What was you first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t yet had that first time write about what you hope to have happen.

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This is an interesting question. I always
find it hard to dissect the sexual and non-sexual.
In some respects, I am a freudian.

Since I must pick the first sexual experience, I am going to pick the
first one after i lost my virginity.
Although, the virginity story may apply as well but I’m not too keen on
sharing it.

Anyhow, i was ‘seeing’ a 36 year old man and i was, well, 14. He was too
respectful of boudaries i did not have.
We had been together for about twenty days but we hadn’t had sex yet.
He was deeply uncomfortable with the knowledge that I was a minor but he
was ‘falling in love with me’. lol.
We had a huge fight because i broke into his house, I didn’t really
break in.. I ‘borrowed’ his spare key. He arrived home to find me in
hysterics about his alleged disrespect for me and my love. I raged and
raged for no apparent reason and he was.. speechless for a while. I
guess he was finally realizing what he was ‘falling in love’ with.

It took a while for him to lose his temper, but he did ultimately get there.
He slapped me, several times and severely. When i carried on raging,
he held my hair and slapped me a few more times. He shook me, as if
trying to wake me up from my insanity.
I didn’t want to be woken up, I wanted to be subsumed.
So, i did not let up.
I hit him back. He threw me down. I dug my nails into his face. He
held me in a body-lock and bit the back of neck till i bled.
I screamed, moaned rather.
And somehow, we ended up having sex.
I was in tears by the end of it, he had nothing left to say to me.
We didn’t see each other or speak again until many many years later.
But I think of this as a wonderful initiation, into how not to practise BDSM.
But i cant deny it gets me horny just thinking about it.

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I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

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