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Travel and Fear.

Last year, Master and I took a vacation. We went a small town, village really, on the border of Karnataka called Gokarna. This is one of those places that I recommend to anyone visiting India or anyone travelling within the country. It is very close to Goa (143 kms) and is very different. Goa is the obvious tourist destination for beaches, parties, drugs and alcohol but the beaches are over-crowded and dirty. The parties are the same as every party in the world. The drugs are laced with all sorts of crap and priced strategically. The alcohol, I agree, is as cheap as it gets (I don’t really drink but I love feni). Still, Goa is a nice place to go to alone if you want to get laid (and pick up a few STDs) and it’s fun to be in with your friends. And, the food is amazing. (Anyone going to Goa after reading this post: Calamari, Fisherman’s Cove, Candolim)
Gokarna on the other hand, is still an unexploited bit of heaven. The beaches are clean, empty and beautiful. The water is absolutely divine. There are forests and little hills surrounding the beaches. There are dirt-roads leading everywhere. It gets really dark at night, really dark, not city dark. It doesn’t even get that dark in many of the mountainous regions anymore. It gets chilly at night and little born-fires start to litter the beaches. It is the sort of place where you cant leave the hotel room/cottage/house without a flashlight at night. 

Anyhow, returning to the point, Master and I were on vacation. I used to run to Gokarna from Bangalore every chance I got but this was the first I had taken him there. 
We got there bright and early, and ran straight to the beach. Om beach is a calm beach, a great place to swim and just float about. Once we’d gotten our ocean-fix, we checked into the cottage we had booked (One night= Rs. 1100= $17). We went to Kudlee, that is more turbulent beach and infinitely more beautiful, it continues to become Paradise beach (I am going to stop the travelogue now).

At 9 PM, and mind you nine is like pitch blackness, we went for a walk in the forest behind out cottage. By walk, I mean, Master and doggie on a leash. He led me down a convoluted path, making sure I don’t bump into anything but also that my knees and palms got cut by a lot of stones. After walking about fifteen minutes, we stopped, I stood up and he blindfolded me (Blindfolded, in the dark, how does that make any sense?!). He put my shirt on backwards so my back was exposed and tied me to a tree. He did not tie my hands, just legs and chest. And then he just disappeared. I knew he was trying to scare me, I knew that. So I was calm. I just focused on my breathing and closed my eyes (Closed my eyes, while I was blindfolded, why?). 

Something’s brushing against my leg.
Reach down.
There’s nothing there, my mind’s playing tricks on me.
I can hear a sound behind me, somewhere.
Try to turn around.
Ouch, that hurts my back.
I feel things crawling on me.
Run my hands all over my body, feels like a spider, it’s a bug.. and another. 
Brush it off.
Don’t flail your arms about, my back feels like it is bleeding.
Someone’s walking.
Then who is touching me?
Fuck, this is scary.
I am panicking. The sounds are in my head.
Holy fuck, he’s cutting up my shorts.
Where’d he go? I’m just half naked here in the middle of nowhere.
I think I hear animals.
Why are you covering your face?
Say something, call out to him.
Why cant I find my voice?
He’s untying me.
Should I walk?
Where do I go?
I seem to have fallen, hide, hide in the darkness.

This went on all night, I think. He said it was only about an hour. He silently led me back, i could feel my heart in my mouth. We went inside the house and all he said was, “Go take a shower”. 


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I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

2 responses to “Travel and Fear.

  1. writingthebody ⋅

    That is scary….was it safe?

    • As safe as it could have been, I suppose.
      Definitely not safe enough, but who the hell knows really?

      I should probably add that this activity should not be considered representative of an inherent feature of BDSM as, objectively, it might lack the “safety” component.

      Safe, sane, consensual is BDSM, the rest is just the perversity of the human mind.

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