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The Sports Page

“The sports page”, is a game master and I play. It is my least favorite game of all time, I have never actually won.
I read at least four newspapers a day but I skip every single sports page (in all fairness I skip the entertainment/celebrity page as well but he doesn’t seem to care about that). I even skip magazine features about any sport. It’s not like I I don’t like to play, I enjoy actual exercise (I run and swim and do yoga) but something about sports being an actual industry doesn’t agree with me. I understand its validity, I just cant adhere to it.
Anyhow, when he found out about my sports page skipping habit, he started to insist that I read it every day. To encourage that he decided that at the end of each week he would ask me questions from the sports page while I was tied up, naked and spread wide open.
If I answer correctly, I get nothing. But if I answer incorrectly, I get caned on the bottoms of my feet. Moreover, for every wrong answer he puts one clamp anywhere he wants on my body.
He makes a list of the questions I answer incorrectly and I have to write down the correct answer fifty times each. This is my least favorite part, it is mind numbing work and I cant help think with every stroke of the pen that it is futile.

Despite his “encouragement”, I continue to skip the sports page. I try to outsmart him by reading sports highlights on Friday evening (we usually “play” on Friday night) but I can hardly ever remember anything because I read only the headlines and am absolutely not interested in knowing who’s playing whom in what and who won.
I suppose that is why my performance in the test is so poor, last Friday I got six out of fifteen questions, thanks to that I had to run on bleeding soles.

I am truly at my wit’s end.
How does one get interested in something they don’t care about? I know he’s only trying to make me more aware and learn things and that is something I hold above all else, so why am I unable to simply obey?


About ancilla9876

I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

5 responses to “The Sports Page

  1. kurganlives ⋅

    This game doesn’t thrill me. I get the concept, but I feel like he should make you read about something more important or useful than sports.

    • I wish he wouldn’t quiz me on the sports page either but the point is to make me read things I don’t like but I need to know about. I’m a journalist and skipping any page of the newspaper needs rectification.
      Everything else, I love reading about. I live on reading.

  2. writingthebody ⋅

    The short answer in my opinion is that you don’t. I do not like sports at all. I used to hate it. Now I am indifferent to it. It is good not to hate sport….and to not mind other people liking it. I do not judge their likes (and hope in turn that they do not judge me for what I like – music, film, and well, all my masochistic pleasures, which are not really socially acceptable even now). Be strong dear Ancilla!

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