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The Laugh and Cry Game

I was tied to the bed, hands behind my back and tied at the wrists. Legs spread wide and stretched so far down that my joints were already aching. I was strapped down an the waist, shoulders and thighs. I couldn’t move, not an inch.
I heard him turn the shower off, I counted the seconds while he dried himself off and stepped into the bedroom. He was standing behind me, I really wanted to see him but I couldn’t turn my head.
All I wanted was to see him once before he started so I’d know I would be able to get through this. But he didn’t let me see him, he pulled a blindfold over my eyes and all I could see then was darkness.
He stood on my left and started tickling me on my abdomen (I am very ticklish), like clockwork, I started to giggle. He became more aggressive in his approach and since I couldn’t move all I could do was panic and laugh till I was breathless, which was just a few minutes in. He started to tickle my pits and shoulders and around my breasts, I was getting seriously breathless with laughter then. Not being able to move at all when being tickled, just makes everything worse.
I started to sweat and my nose began to get all clogged but he just lay down on top of me as he tickled my legs and my feet. I wanted to scream instead of laughing but I couldn’t stop.
it’s really tiring to be tickled relentlessly especially when tied up uncomfortable.
About thirty minutes in I could take it no longer and I yelled, “Tears”.

He stopped promptly and moved away from me, he returned a few seconds later. And I felt the wire flogger running over my stomach, then my thighs and my legs but when when it finally struck, it did so on my breasts. And he didn’t stop. It doesn’t take long for this particular flogger to make someone bleed but it does take at least a dozen continuous hits, which is what I got. I felt myself get, I felt the blood ooze out. He cued me in, really, I know he cant help but stop to marvel at blood.
He didn’t stop for long, and a few minutes later, I was screaming. I didn’t want to go back to being tickled but I knew my breasts couldn’t take much more of that flogging. And so when the first tear drops rolled out of my eyes and dampened the blindfold, I gave up and said, “Laughter”.

I thought I would appreciate the playfulness of being tickled right after being flogged but as it turns out, there may not be anything playful about “tickle torture”. I only lasted about 15 minutes the second time he started to tickle me. I am most ticklish on my lower body so he focused there while he held me down (not that it was required) by lying on top of me. I was so breathless, I considered giving up cigarettes right then. He was disappointed I didn’t last longer, I knew that. I knew I would pay for it too and that was confirmed when the subsequent assault by the flogger was on the insides of my thighs and vagina. No gentle warning shots either, it took a total of seven to make me cry, thirteen to make me beg and twenty-one to opt to being tickled again.

By this point I knew I was nearing the brink of consciousness, as he tickled me, I laughed and felt light headed, like I was floating above myself. I was laughing, crying, sweating.. pretty sure I was going to convulse any moment and then I decided I could take more. As much more as he wanted to give me. But I couldn’t be tickled anymore. So, out came the flogger. I was amazed that he just wouldn’t stop. He flogged my legs and thighs this time.. At first, I was in control, the pain felt great. Then, I started to sob. Then, i started to scream. Then I cried.. and yelled.. and then.. there was nothing. My mind drew a blank, my body couldn’t feel a thing.. and I was just drifting.
I don’t know when he stopped. I don’t know when he untied me.
The next thing I remember is being slapped several times and then being fucked mercilessly from behind.

And now I’m incredibly sore, all over. 🙂


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I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

3 responses to “The Laugh and Cry Game

  1. writingthebody ⋅

    Beautiful! My goodness it is so intense though. Love it.

  2. Thank you.
    It was intense, a lot of people discount tickling as “soft” but I have found it is far more torturous than whips, chains, floggers and blades. But that might just be because the latter four sound like heaven.

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