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Reading Between The Lines

I tend to hit people. In a friendly, joking manner. I’m no Domme but I truly enjoy it, I feel an overwhelming need to hit the person I feel affection towards.
So, this morning in class, we were working in groups to develop a press release and I happened to hit a friend of mine on the shoulder for not paying attention, let’s call him Kneeman.
On my other side, was another friend, say Shoulderman. Apparently when I struck Kneeman I seemed to enjoy it so much that it was really obvious to Shoulderman.
We had the following conversation:-

Shoulderman: You seem to love to hit people.
Me: Incidentally, I do.
Shoulderman: I understand.
Me: You do? You enjoy hitting people too? Like getting in fights?
Shoulderman: No, I never get into fights but I do enjoy hitting people. I am a huge sadist.
Me: Interesting.
(silently, I am thinking my radar must be seriously off if I could not fathom this about him)

In my experience, not many Indian men or women come right out and admit to their sadistic/masochistic desires, very very few in fact. Fewer are able to differentiate sadism and fighting. And the tinniest segment is able to accurately deduce who this information should be revealed to.
I am unsure if Shoulderman told me this because he had recognized me for who I am, perhaps I have met him before somewhere at an event or a workshop, or it was just a lucky coincidence that he happened to confide into me. It is also possible, of course, that he goes around revealing this information to just anybody.
I would also posit that it is not impossible to deduce what I tend towards sexually from my habits, behavior and mannerisms but I am often mistaken for a Domme.

Whatever be the case, the diagnostic technique is clear, I must sleep with him to find out how deep his sadism runs.
(I sincerely hope that he wasn’t able to recognize me because I have slept with him before, that would be embarrassing)


About ancilla9876

I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

5 responses to “Reading Between The Lines

  1. writingthebody ⋅

    I love being punched…it started with being punched in the arms and slapped in the face, but nowadays I love being punched in the chest and stomach….it makes me laugh. Sounds mad, but there you are. So: in short, I am sure you will find people who love that too. But it takes time, and if you are looking for a lifestyle, that is hard work…but it could be worth it.

    • So, I’m not looking for a lifestyle, I have one.
      Mostly I was looking to figure out whether Shoulderman really understood what he conveyed when he used the word “sadist” in front of me.
      Moreover as I mentioned, Indian man admitting to his sadism to a girl he barely knows, RARE.

      I understand about being punched, has the very annoying side effect of a tirade of questions due to very visible bruises.
      Empathy and concern be bitches.

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