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This punishment is not fun.

I know, I know punishment is not supposed to be fun.
I know I am supposed to learn a lesson and ideally never forget it.
But seriously, seriously, it has been 49 days since i have had an orgasm. 49 days of being used for just his pleasure.
And not being allowed to cum really does nothing to help with the arousal.
I thought I’d get past the super-horny phase in two weeks and reach a place of clarity but no, it isn’t happening.
Sometimes I’m right on the edge just because he’s whispering in my ear. And then there’s his laughter at my condition. It rings in my ears when I lie in bed at night. Like now.

I never want to have an orgasm again, ever, but I cant bear this anymore.
What sort of fucked up situation is this?


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I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

11 responses to “This punishment is not fun.

  1. severin

    Wow – that’s a really long time. I’m a boy rather than a girl, so I know I can’t really appreciate your agony, but it must be torture. But hang in there. Once he does finally let you cum, I’m sure it’ll be amazing – but be ready, because it’ll be an emotional roller-coaster – so make sure you have lots and LOTS of comforting and snuggles available.
    sev xx

    • I know that it makes sense that I’d be emotionally erratic after the fact, like a real nut-job sometimes, but I’d like to be alone.
      Comforting and snuggles sound delightful objectively but I’m never able to appreciate them. Or want them.
      The last time he did this, 25 days, I cried for hours after I did cum but I cried alone, it felt wonderful.

      Also, even though you are a boy, I’m sure you can understand regardless of the gender.

  2. severin

    Well I am currently on a orgasm ban – set by my Domme, but it’s only been a few days – and I’ve coped for longer.

    sev x

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