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When Enough Is Not So.

a- Shall we go in, my fair maiden, let the fire burn out and let its glisten die from your eye?
A- Hold your tongue, you wretched liar, no maiden am I. I choose to sit beneath the stars, and here I may choose to inflict scars.
a- As you wish, you crimson angel, let go of your knees and look at me. Your face is radiant, let me see.

A- You flatter me, my little plaything, I like it no more than any other thing. But as I observe your glee, i cannot help but feel a little free.
a- I feel no need to flatter for you shall never be mine and that I know. But I will give myself to be your lowest low. 
A- Lowly, thou art, you loathsome harlot. But I see divinity in you, in the moment your skin turns scarlet.
a- And that brief moment of your satisfaction, to me, is the greatest fraction.
A- Why give me so much when I am sure to consume you whole, walk away and take your soul.
a- You will be gone and so will I, to find you, I will never try. But the part of me you take along, will me my most worldly song. 
A- Come lay at my feet and let me see your visage, show me your face so I may feel my rage.

a- Lay your hands upon me, my goddess, anything you do would be enough and less.
A- How imperfect is your nubile form, yet even exquisite is the thorn.

My hand feels so cold against your flaming face, I do love how its kiss you embrace. 
a- The gratification your satisfaction makes me feel, at any price is a steal.
A- You hold me too high in esteem, despite being here for me to demean. I can see the arousal in your feet, so far as being able to hear your heart beat. 
a- That’s the effect of your nails on my skin, please allow me to take you to sin, my pain is irrelevant, pray, I’m made of tin.
A- Empty and hollow, is that what you are? 
I’d much rather, you be made of tar.
a- Tar or tin, brick or stone, under your atrocity I shall nothing but moan.
Assault me with the weapon you wield, against it I have no shield.

A- As if your will was ever your own, do as you wish, turn to stone.
Now suffer for me, and serve, you know its nothing more than you deserve. 
a- Line me in welts from head to toe, make me a part of your cruel show. I hurt for the deity of brutality, how you help me escape from this banality.
A- I see you so clearly in the light of this fire, the consequences of your urging have been dire. Yet those who ask shall always receive, I will break you as I deceive. 
a- I would never urge you to cease your actions, I am yours till you seek a more compelling distraction.

A- Your blood is beautiful, you worthless whore, let me cut you deeper and move past the last door.
Now you offer tears as well, look how far down you fell.
a- My tears are yours as is all else; my mind, my body and all that good sense. 
I offer all this and everything beyond, the vastness of the ocean and the stillness of the pond. 
A- I am enough for you, that I know, but you will never be enough for me, and someday you will know.


About ancilla9876

I'm a young, female, Indian submissive and masochist. I am many other things, of course. But this blog mostly deals with the contents of my lede sentence.

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